Covid-19 FAQ's

What are symptoms of COVID-19?

Please visit for information about symptoms of COVID-19


How are we keeping our members, leaders and visitors safe?

At 1st Normanton Scouts we are keeping our members, leaders and visitors safe in a number of ways:

  • Following social distancing guidelines

  • Following guidance from the local authority, the UK Government, The Scout Association and The National Youth Agency

  • 20 minute cleaning regime on common touch points inside the building

  • PPE Provided for leaders/volunteers and for first aid purposes

  • Scouts and Explorers are to wear a face covering indoors (unless exempt)

  • Leaders/volunteers are to wear a face covering indoors unless delivering an activity

  • Parents/Carers are not permitted to enter the building

  • Virtual sessions continue for those unable to attend Face-to-Face sessions due to health, shielding or being vulnerable

  • Reasonable adjustments are made where appropriate

  • All leaders are aware of new policies and procedures


How does drop off and collection work?

Drop off and collection for sessions may vary depending on times and location. Specific information will be sent via email to all parents/carers.


Hand Washing?

We will be providing hand sanitiser for members and leaders of the group who will be required to use this on arrival to sessions, during sessions and at the end. Members are welcome to bring their own hand sanitiser if they wish.


How much will subs be?

Current Subs are £20 per half term or £3 per session .

From 1st September 2020 subs will increase to £21 per half term or £3.50 per session.


Do I need to wear a face covering during session?

Beavers and Cubs who want to wear a face covering are welcome to. It is not mandatory, but a personal choice.

Scouts and Explorers are required to wear a face covering when indoors but not outdoors (they can wear a face covering outdoors if they wish).

Leaders may be wearing face coverings, however are not required to where leading activities.


What do I need to do as a parent/carer?

As a parent/carer we ask you to do the following:

  • Read our parent/carer Covid-19 agreement and sign to say you are either happy or unhappy with this

  • Read the new code of conduct

  • Update Online Scout Manager (Members will not be able to return if this isn't completed)


I have a question or concern about the new policies in place

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our COVID-19 policies please email or for urgent enquiries call/text 07493635598


Will virtual sessions continue?

Yes, we will continue to run virtual sessions throughout amber and yellow readiness levels as we know some of our members are still shielding/ unable to attend face-to-face sessions. Though these sessions will be run on another day.


When will Face-to-Face sessions start again

Our leaders are working very hard to make sure we can return to Face-to-Face sessions safely. We are working with the scout district to make sure this is safe for everyone and putting some new things in place. We will update parents when possible.


What if there is a positive Covid-19 test?

If there is a positive Covid-19 test the group will follow the procedures set out by the Scout Association, the Government and NHS Test and Trace. The group will liaise with test and trace - we follow all guidelines on test and trace and keep a record of everyone involved in sessions and those entering the building


Where can I find documents and Information sent to parents/Carers

You can find information and documents sent to parents/carers regarding COVID-19 here


What happens if you are unable to run a Face-to-Face session?

If we are unable to run a Face-To-Face session we will inform parents/carers and if possible replace the session with a virtual meeting.


Where can I find previous information?

Information from September to December 2020 can be found on the Covid letters and policy page