Online Scout Manager 

What is online scout manager? 
What you may not know is that when you collect your child from a session is it doesn't stop there for the leaders. They can spend hours a week updating badge records and planning sessions/events. 
Online Scout Manager enables leaders to record and track badge work for members, track attendance and plan their sessions and events. 
Online Scout Manager also enables us to keep members personal details safe and secure and is only accessible by those leaders who work with your child. 
Personal Details 
We only ask for those details that are required to keep our members safe. This ranges from their name and date of birth to medical details and allergies and next of kin contact details. 
We ask that parents/carers regularly check and update these details in the interest of safety for our members. 
Once your child has been given a place in one of our sections parents/carers will receive an email with an invite link to Online Scout Manager (OSM) Parents Portal where they will be able to enter their child's information. We ask that this is completed before they attend any sessions.